Bathroom Design Trends for Multifamily Buildings: Elevated Storage and Embracing the “Float”

In any home, things always look neater and cleaner when items are off the floor and put away in proper storage.

This is especially important in bathrooms, where everything from towels to toiletries must be stored while remaining accessible for everyday use. To achieve a more contemporary, streamlined look, architects and designers are incorporating elevated, or floating vanities and cabinets into bathrooms of all sizes — including those in both single-family homes and multifamily buildings.

Aside from aesthetic value, what do these elevated storage options add to a bathroom’s design? Below are just a few of the benefits that are unique to floating vanities and cabinets:

1) Minimized Wear and Tear: Lifting the bathroom vanity off the floor offers a cleaner – and easier-to-clean – look. It also extends the life of the cabinets as their potential for contact with water on the bathroom floor has been eliminated.

2) Height Comfort: A floating vanity is the perfect solution for home owners with vastly different heights. Dual floating vanities can be can installed at different levels (without making customized and often expensive modifications to the cabinets) to accommodate the different heights of the intended users, whether they are 5’1” or 6’6”.

3) Cost Savings: While it may seem like mounting the vanity on the wall would cost more not only because of the trendy design, but also the installation, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, most floating vanities have a lower cost per cabinet because they use fewer materials. For example, there’s no need for trim at the base of the cabinet, making this contemporary style a cost saver compared with more traditional styles.

4) More Storage: Another benefit to lifting cabinets off the floor is the extra storage it creates underneath. With approximately 12 inches available under the typical raised vanity, there’s plenty of space to tuck away a bathroom scale or child’s stepstool. Other options include storage baskets that can stylishly conceal towels and other bathroom supplies.

Like raised vanities, floating bathroom cabinets offer expanded storage capabilities. Measuring approximately 60 inches tall by 18-24 inches wide by 8-9 inches deep, they are the perfect size for linens and personal care products. Because many multifamily buildings don’t have the space for a traditional linen closet, the floating cabinet is the perfect solution that gives residents the extra storage they want, right where they need it most.

Have you installed a floating vanity? Please share what factors influenced your decision!

Jane Kelly
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