Bathroom Design

Planning to renovate a multifamily property? This article offers great suggestions for ensuring the best ROI on your investment. We do disagree on one point, however. The author suggests that upgrading cabinets aren’t worth the investment. Before you write off the idea of new cabinets, check in with our team of design experts here at Bristol Design Group. By sourcing cabinetry from around the world, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver cost-effective storage solutions that match your design aesthetic – and your budget. Read the article now  >>...

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It should come as no surprise that fashion trends influences home décor and design. What may be surprising is the rapid pace of this trickle-down effect and the breadth of fashion styles that are now being interpreted in home interiors. Thanks to the popularity of social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, high-style fashion is accessible to larger audiences than ever before, and as a result the transition of these trends from runway to other interpretations, such as home interiors, is happening at a rapid speed.

In any home, things always look neater and cleaner when items are off the floor and put away in proper storage.

This is especially important in bathrooms, where everything from towels to toiletries must be stored while remaining accessible for everyday use. To achieve a more contemporary, streamlined look, architects and designers are incorporating elevated, or floating vanities and cabinets into bathrooms of all sizes — including those in both single-family homes and multifamily buildings.

Aside from aesthetic value, what do these elevated storage options add to a bathroom’s design? Below are just a few of the benefits that are unique to floating vanities and cabinets: