We’ve posted previously about the use of metal finishes in the kitchen, most recently about how metals can be the perfect choice for open shelving in multifamily buildings. But if you’re considering incorporating metal finishes into your kitchen décor – or even mixing metal finishes, which is perfectly acceptable these days – there are some design rules you should follow.  This article from the Daily Herald lays out some of those rules, such as avoiding the use of matching sets, limiting how many metal finishes you mix and dispersing the various metals throughout the room.  So, feel free to be creative in your home, by including metals in various finishes and types. Think of it as jewelry: When you wear a stainless steel and gold watch, you can wear silver or gold – or both. As long as you tie everything together, it works....

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It should come as no surprise that fashion trends influences home décor and design. What may be surprising is the rapid pace of this trickle-down effect and the breadth of fashion styles that are now being interpreted in home interiors. Thanks to the popularity of social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, high-style fashion is accessible to larger audiences than ever before, and as a result the transition of these trends from runway to other interpretations, such as home interiors, is happening at a rapid speed.

When cabinets are specified for a high rise or multifamily residential project it is not only about how they fit or look in the space. It’s also about what’s on the inside – specifically, the mechanisms and construction methods that impact everything from cabinetry’s cost to functionality.

In the videos that follow, I’ll provide a brief overview of the three types of drawer box cabinet construction – the plywood drawer box, the metal drawer box and the maple dovetail drawer box – and explain the benefits of each as it relates to functionality and budget.