How to Renovate Your Kitchen – Stress-Free

How to Renovate Your Kitchen – Stress-Free

It’s great to have a beautiful new kitchen with the latest cabinet designs, but unless you’ve just purchased a newly constructed home, you’re probably going to have to renovate to create a kitchen that meets your needs. And kitchen renovations can be stressful if you don’t do your homework.

There are so many things a homeowner must do to ensure that the kitchen retrofit is completed properly, on time and on budget. Finding a professional kitchen designer whose work you admire, conducting due diligence on the contractor, checking out cabinet and countertop materials and selecting appliances are just a few of the steps homeowners need to take.

To learn more about how to avoid stress while renovating your kitchen, check out this recent article in The New York Times, which details some lessons learned by the writer as she set about to modernize a 95-square-foot kitchen in her Upper East Side apartment.

Jane Kelly
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