Multifamily Design Floor Plans: Making Space For The Home Office

Multifamily Design Floor Plans: Making Space For The Home Office

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been adapting to the new normal of working and learning from home. While we’ve all adapted out of necessity, the reality is some floor plans are better suited for this than others.

As designers and cabinetry purveyors, we are working with our multifamily developer clients to creatively modify layouts to better accommodate the need to have dedicated workspaces. While this article addresses why working from home will continue post-COVID, I want to address how new and existing floor plans can evolve to meet the needs of today’s renters.

Below are modified floor plans that highlight how we are working with our clients to adapt unit designs to create the optimal work- and study-from-home environments.

Studio Apartments

Typical Studio Apartment Layout

In this typical 494-square foot studio apartment, residents are forced to utilize the eating area as a makeshift home office. In the subsequent floor plans, you’ll see how simple it is for us to make some minor adjustments to add a built-in workstation or even a small office for residents.

Studio Apartment Layout with Built-In Designated Work Area

By making a few small adjustments to the layout, including moving the closet, we are able to offer a dedicated workspace. In this specific plan, we recommend utilizing a Murphy bed system with built-ins that include a desk and storage space.

Studio Apartment Layout with Office

This final studio option will really drive demand and help escalate leasing velocity because it creates a truly dedicated office space, complete with workspace and cabinets. In this option, we were able to shift the closet shape and direction, opening up a pocket of space for the office, allowing the resident to create more separation between their work and home environments.

The end results are dramatic for this studio floor plan makeover. Let’s do the same for a one-bedroom layout:

One-Bedroom Floor Plans

Typical One-Bedroom Layout

one bedroom layout

In this 780-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, residents often add a freestanding desk in the bedroom to function as their work or study space.

One-Bedroom Apartment with Built-in Designated Work Area

One bedroom designated work area

By making a few small adjustments to the layout, swapping out a standalone washer and dryer for a stackable set, and stealing a little space from the walk-in closet, we are able to add a built-in work area adjacent to the unit’s living space.

One-Bedroom Apartment with Separate Office Space

In this final version of the same one-bedroom floor plan, we kept the stackable washer and dryer and implemented an L-shaped kitchen to open up the living room. Then we “borrowed” a little space from the closet, which allowed for the addition of a completely separate home office space with a built-in desk and cabinetry.

one bedroom separated space

All of these examples illustrate that with some small shifts in traditional layouts, developers will be able to offer prospective residents a better-functioning living space that provides designated areas for living and working. At the outset, developers will likely incur some increases in costs for the additional cabinetry, but we believe these enhancements will ultimately lead to a faster lease-up and increased ROI.

Interested in finding out how your project can benefit from a few simple layout and design tweaks? Give us a call at 312-266-2341. We look forward to talking with you!

Jane Kelly
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